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Attackify Android Endpoints

  • Posted by :Admin
  • Date :08 Jan, 2023
  • Category : Android

Starting 2023 with a bang! We are launching, although be it to a small subset of users at first before general availability through the console, the ATTACKIFY Android Endpoint! This means organizations can start simulating real-world threats from physical Android based mobile and devices even across emulated devices!

Looking through the Top Breach & Attack Simulation vendors out there, it seems like ATTACKIFY > is the FIRST to bring automated Breach & Attack Simulation tooling and automation to Android devices and it will be available to the FREE tier accounts too.


While many current ATTACKIFY modules would easily run from the Android endpoint, seems silly to emulate tools, techniques & procedures specific to Windows, Linux & MacOS on Android devices, we will start building out more mobile and Android specific threats, techniques and procedures seen in the wild. We will focus on mobile malware, application and Operating System attack techniques and malicious behaviour.

It may not seem obvious at first but there are more Android devices running in corporate environments than one would initially realise, we have seen digital white-boards, confrence booking systems, room & climate control devices, light management systems etc. all running one form of Android or another. Having many un-attended devices like these make for a great attack surface and one that would not always be expected.

We will bring more info as we realise more and mature the endpoints further.