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  • Date :07 May, 2021
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Just a little something…


We been working on brining some additional features to the platform and one of them was to introduce a self assessment security survey. We wanted to introduce something to help small & medium sized businesses (SMB) that are still trying to find their way to growing and maturing their early security posture. Large organisation have invested a lot of money into fortifying their defensive capabilities and implemented robost security awareness programs, the latest next generation security appliance, large cyber security teams and in most times can recover from a security incident quickly. However, SMB’s have been found struggling to understand what their security posture actually looks like and don’t know where to start or what to prioritize to uplift and improve their cyber security readiness. SMB’s many times end up paying a serious price for a cyber security related incident, usually ransomware and usually results in the business taking a huge financial hit or even worse…

With that we are opening up a FREE tier plan on ATTACKIFY that will give SMB’s unlimited access to the Cyber Readiness Self Assessment. We implemented the Cyber Readiness Self Asessment into the ATTACKIFY platform as a means for organisations to continuously perform a basic self assessment survey built ontop of the Common Sense Security Framework (CSSF). We have incorporated much of the CSSF structure into a self assessment survey with weighted scoring and added/updated questions and additional controls to reflect the current times. This allows organisations to keep self assessing their security posture, undersatand the essential security controls they may or may not have in place and depending on their answers provide some generic recommendations on where to get started.


The goal of the Common Sense Security Framework is to help organisations identify fundamental security controls they need to have in place in order to protect the systems, applications and even people on which their businesses rely on. Within the CSSF there are 7 key areas identified that businesses should protect or atleast have some form of basic security controls in place:

  1. Protect Your Applications
  2. Protect Your Endpoints
  3. Protect Your Networks
  4. Protect Your Servers
  5. Protect Your Data
  6. Protect Your Locations
  7. Protect Your People

We have taken a lot of the framework and implemented the key areas for protection with additional controls/questions that test the presence of security controls required in each key area. Each question can have a `Yes`, `No` or `Partially` answer and these are weighted accordingly.

Results will provide users with an overall score of Poor, Low, Medium, High or Very High and a break down of scores in each of the 7 areas of protection. Results also include essential security controls implemented vs. missing. You can take the survey as many times as you like and hopefully find the trend towards an improved overall security posture as you implement some of the generic recommendations to the questions you have not answered Yes to.

To get started, contact us on the contact form on the site or email us directly, [email protected] We will only be accepting actual registered organisations so please contact us with your business email addresses and not free email service providers such as gmail, hotmail etc.

Also if you are a service provider and would like to provide the Self Assessment via ATTACKIFY to your customers, let us know and we can show you hook you up with some extra stuff we are working on (: