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Free Attack Simulations

  • Posted by :Admin
  • Date :24 Jul, 2022
  • Category : Accounts

Whats better than some free stufff?

                                                ...More FREE stuff!

When we first introduced our FREE plan, it was limited and didnt provide much in terms of attack simulations & testing actual security controls, it was just limited to the cyber security readiness assessment. Our goal has for a long time has been to provide value and help any organization improve their overall security posture.

We have done a lot of work in the past few months, stream lined processes, did a bunch of admin (yuck) and gotten to a point where we can merge our FREE & STARTER plans into a single account thats FREE and enables organizations to run attack simulations and perform security control audits too.

So with that, going forward we have done away with our FREE tier and updated the STARTER plan to always FREE to any organization. The STARTER plan will have the following:

- 1 Active Endpoint
- 5 threat & security control simulations per day
- Cyber security readiness self evaluations

There are some of limitations if you compare STARTER to our PROFESSIONAL plan however, we are looking to see where we can expand and improve FREE features in the future! We take feedback very seriously (:

To get started, contact us on the contact form on the site or email us directly, [email protected] using a corporate email address, so do try avoid using gmail and other email providers. If you see value in our STARTER plan and want to expand on features and limitations help support us by purchasing a PROFESSIONAL plan.

Also if you are a service provider and would like to provide ATTACKIFY as a SERVICE to your customers, reach out and let us know and we can show you how our SERVICE PROVIDER plan works (:

  • Update 25 Oct 2022 - Mac and Linux endpoints available to starter accounts!