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Partnering with Tidal Cyber for Enhanced Threat Defense

We are excited to announce a partnership between ATTACKIFY and Tidal Cyber! This collaboration aims to enhance how enterprises manage their cyber defenses by integrating Tidal Cyber’s advanced threat-informed defense capabilities with ATTACKIFY‘s comprehensive breach and attack simulation platform data.

By combining the strengths of ATTACKIFY with Tidal Cyber, users gain access to a sophisticated suite of security tools and data that enhance their ability to test, identify, and fortify against advanced cyber threats. Leveraging Tidal Cyber’s insights from the MITRE ATT&CK framework enhances ATTACKIFY‘s simulations, offering a more nuanced and precise approach to real-world cyber attack scenarios.

Tidal Cyber boasts a rapidly expanding registry that includes a vast array of vendors, tools within the Breach & Attack Simulation space that covers many Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs). This comprehensive resource empowers users to make more informed decisions by enabling them to seamlessly integrate and analyze data for better testing and threat-informed strategies. We are proud to contribute to and leverage this dynamic platform to enhance our cybersecurity offerings.

Key Benefits of This Partnership:

  • Seamless Integration: Users can effortlessly map the effectiveness of their security strategies against intricate adversary behaviors, significantly boosting their predictive security capabilities.

  • Enhanced Capability Visualization: Tidal Cyber’s analytical tools provide users with detailed insights into their security vulnerabilities and strengths, facilitating smarter decision-making and strategic security planning.

  • Empowered Defense Strategies: The merged expertise of both platforms enables organizations to proactively refine and enhance their security measures, keeping them several steps ahead of potential cyber threats.

As cyber threats grow in complexity, the collaboration between ATTACKIFY and Tidal Cyber marks an important advancement in empowering businesses to protect their digital environments more effectively.

Tidal Cyber Platform

Explore the full capabilities and benefits of this integration on Tidal Cyber’s platform: Visit Tidal Cyber