Attackers are always finding new methods to bypass execution prevention controls allowing them to execute code or commands without alerting or generating logs.

Execution Modules

Execution modules refer to when an attacker is attempting to execute code or commands on a system. This could be done in a way to bypass certain restrictions, executing priviledged commands and hiding malicious activity. ATTACKIFY provides a number of execution modules such as:

  • Command execution through mis-configured system settings
  • User Account Control bypass execution
  • PowerShell exectuion
  • Command execution by vulnerable apps
  • MacOS XPC Executions
  • Memory Loading Executions
  • DyLib Injections
  • Office Macro Executions
  • Execution Protection Bypasses

Related Modules


Exfiltration modules allow you to discover various techniques that can be used to exfiltrate sensitive data from within the organization to external C2's. Discover which services, ports and protcols can bypass your DLP solutions.

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Discovery techniques allow attackers to fingerprint environments & better understand the environment they are moving through. These modules emulate numerous techniques.

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These modules are based off individual APT tactics, techniques and procedures to assist security teams in identifying suspicious activity usually seen in advanced persistent attackers.

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