Exfiltration modules allow you to discover various techniques that can be used to exfiltrate sensitive data from within the organization to external C2’s. Discover which services, ports and protcols can bypass your DLP solutions.

Exfiltration Modules

Exfiltration occurs when attackers have access to sensitive data and they need to transfer it out to their servers. ATTACKIFY has different modules designed to exfiltrate test data over a number of different channels and methods.

Some of these modules include:

  • DNS Exfiltration
  • HIPAA Data
  • PCI Data
  • Custom Data Encodings
  • DNS over HTTPS

No actual organization data is exfiltrated from endpoints, only test data generated by ATTACKIFY.

Dashboards provide users with a complete overview of how data is exfiltrated from the organization and over which protocols and from which environments. These modules would mostly be used to test Data Loss Prevention and networking monitoring solutions.

Related Modules

Security Controls

Validate endpoint security controls and perform a number of compliance checks to ensure systems are securely configured.

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Simulate malware and common malicious functionality as seen in various malware and adverserial techniques. SAFELY execute suspicous functionality and API calls in the same way malware does!

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Simulate numerous exploit techniques as used by attackers & malware to inject into processes, elevate privileges or impersonate users. Modules are designed to emulate core functionality without potwntially damaging systems.

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