ATTACKIFY is a comprehensive cloud-based platform engineered to facilitate and streamline a wide array of cyber security operations, your Swiss Army Knife for Cyber Security


SCAPECOM, a team of seasoned cybersecurity experts hailing from Melbourne, Australia, is the innovative force behind ATTACKIFY. Dedicated to advancing and securing the digital realm, our team strives to ensure that organizations can navigate the complexities of today’s digital environment with confidence and security.

Our vision with ATTACKIFY is straightforward: to deliver an invaluable resource that enables organizations to fortify their security defenses affordably. Drawing upon years of collective expertise, real-world experimentation, and a plethora of inventive concepts, we’ve sculpted a platform that empowers security teams to enhance their detection and mitigation strategies, while also providing a clear lens through which the true nature of potential cyber threats can be understood.

ATTACKIFY is designed to democratize cybersecurity, offering an all in one solution that is not only potent and dependable but also accessible and budget-friendly. We believe in leveling the playing field, ensuring that businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to deploy premier cybersecurity measures.

If enhancing your cybersecurity framework is your goal, ATTACKIFY stands ready to serve. With our dedicated team of experts and a state-of-the-art platform at your disposal, you’ll be well-equipped to anticipate and neutralize cyber threats, safeguarding your systems and data against the unpredictable challenges of tomorrow.

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ATTACKIFY started as an easy to use and affordable online BREACH & ATTACK simulation platform, primarily a cloud-based solution to run and manage attack simulation modules, security audits and phishing simulations with remote endpoint agents safely inside your environments. The platform has since matured and grown to encompass additional core functionality and services to its framework.


ATTACKIFY can simulate cyber attacks, malware and emulate suspicious attacker behviour. Primarily used to emulate cyber attacks within organizations to test security controls and improve detection time.

This will enable you to identify security BLINDSPOTS, strengthen SECURITY CONTROLS and keep the Security Operations team CYBER FIT.


Not only can ATTACKIFY simulate cyber attacks, but also perform endpoint SECURITY AUDITS, SECURITY HEALTH CHECKS and SECURITY CONTROL VALIDATION. With support for WINDOWS, LINUX, MACOS & ANDROID (closed beta).

ATTACKIFY is flexible to cover a large variety of systems and requirements.


ATTACKIFY can be used to perform FOOTPRINTING & RECON activites to discover Internet-facing assets that belong to your organization.

Discovered assets can then be pushed into the VULBERABILITY SCANNER for some light scanning activities against common vulnerabilities ranging from medium to critical.


Conduct targeted PHISHING exercizes and emulate RANSOMEWARE & SOCIAL ENGINEERING modules to gauge user security awareness at your organization and measure the efficacy of security safeguards and controls in your environment to detect, report and reduce potential targetted cyber attacks.


Perform regular CYBER SECURITY READINESS self assessments to gauge the current security posture of your organization. Self assessment covers everything from networks, endpoints, physical, social and data security questionnaires. Where possible ATTACKIFY will tailor best practice articles and solutions to assist you in improving your current cyber security posture.


ATTACKIFY has been designed with SERVICE PROVIDERS in-mind. If you are a cyber security SERVICE PROVIDER in the cyber security space, you can PARTNER with us to help you provide all our services under your parent account. ATTACKIFY SERVICE PROVIDER accounts.

Reach out to us TODAY if you would like to work with ATTACKIFY in bringing these value added services to your customers.

Easy to Use Platform

Breach & Attack Simulation doesn’t get any easier than ATTACKIFY . If you have ever tried to setup and use Atomic Red (which is great by the way) or try find your way through a really expensive and complex BAS solution and just want to get to the good stuff, then ATTACKIFY is for you.

ATTACKIFY is designed to be easy to use and easy to understand. We have taken the complexity out of the platform so you can focus on running ATTACK simulations. Login, download and run an endpoint agent, select a module and run it. It’s that simple.

ATTACKIFY is designed to be used by anyone, from the most junior analyst to the most senior security professional, even your CISO could run ATTACKIFY.