Simulate numerous exploit techniques as used by attackers & malware to inject into processes, elevate privileges or impersonate users. Modules are designed to emulate core functionality without potwntially damaging systems.

Exploit Modules

ATTACKIFY has a number of exploit modules that have been designed to run as safe as possible within environments. Exploit modules include priviledge escalation, process injection, various anti-malware bypass techniques. The modules are designed to execute on an endpoint in a safe way that would allow security teams to discover malicious behaviour, suspicious processes and potential short falls of currently deployed security products.

Some of the modules in ATTACKIFY include:

  • NTLM Authentication Bypass
  • Privilege Escalation Attacks
  • Process Injection - QueueUserAPC, SetThreadContext & CreateRemoteThread
  • AMSI Bypass Attacks
  • PowerShell Empire Exploits and Techniques
  • Named Pipe Impersonation
  • Generic Drive-By

Great care is taken to test modules in multiple scenarios and configurations but it will always come with a warning platform running these in a production setting, so maybe dont do production (:

Related Modules


Simulate malware and common malicious functionality as seen in various malware and adverserial techniques. SAFELY execute suspicous functionality and API calls in the same way malware does!

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Security Controls

Validate endpoint security controls and perform a number of compliance checks to ensure systems are securely configured.

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These modules are based off individual APT tactics, techniques and procedures to assist security teams in identifying suspicious activity usually seen in advanced persistent attackers.

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